User Consultation Platform

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EUSPA spearheads the User Consultation Platform (UCP), a systematic consultation process involving stakeholders utilising position, navigation and time services and technologies. With the aim to gather and analyse user needs and requirements, the UCP ensures timely inputs into the development of user-centric space data services within the European Space Programme, including Copernicus, EGNOS and Galileo, GOVSATCOM, and EU SST.

End users stand at the heart of the EU Space Programme, guiding the development of tailored services to meet their demands. 

Last UCP

Held on 7 November 2023, it invited users from different market segments to confer about how Earth Observation, satellite navigation and satellite communications their sectors more sustainable, secure and efficient. Presentations from the last edition can be found here.   

User Needs and Requirements

The results of the UCP are also used to compile and update a series of Reports on User Needs and Requirements per market segment. These reports are released annually. Previous editions can be accessed here