User Consultation Platform 2018

The User Consultation Platform (UCP) is a forum for interaction between users of position, navigation and time solutions and the organizations and institutions dealing, directly and indirectly, with Galileo and EGNOS. The participants are actual users of the systems, representatives of user associations (such as standardisation bodies and industry groups), regulatory bodies, and members of the value chain such as receiver and chipset manufacturers and application developers who, with their developments, influence the technologies used in the solutions.

The main work of the UCP are carried out in eight parallel panel sessions grouping users by market segment: Mass Market, Road Transport, Aviation, Rail, Maritime, Agriculture, Surveying & Mapping, and Timing & Synchronisation.

The topics tackled by each group include user requirements on PNT solutions, inputs to enhance EGNSS services both in general and specifically in their area, providing feedback on user support, identifying specific R&D priorities by market segment. The results of the 2018 edition of the UCP are listed below.

EGNSS User Consultation Platform Plenary

UCP Results

Agriculture Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Aviation Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Maritime and Inland Waterways Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Mass market Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Rail Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Road Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Surveying Panel Discussions - Results Summary
Timing and Synchronisation Panel Discussions - Results Summary

UCP 2018 Forum minutes

Agriculture forum zip file
Aviation forum zip file
Maritime forum zip file
Mass-Market forum zip file
Rail forum zip file
Road forum zip file
Surveying forum zip file
TS forum zip file