What is Secure SatCom?

The satellite communications systems existing today provide connectivity to users equipped with compatible terminals to transmit and/or receive data/voice with another user or a system located in another area.

Traditionally SatCom provide connectivity to users in remote and/or marine areas (outside of terrestrial network coverage) and where alternative terrestrial communication means are compromised (e.g. in crisis areas, after floods, earthquakes, etc.).

SatCom is today used in commercial applications (COMSATCOM) such as in consumer services, as well as in Military domain (MILSATCOM). A third category is being created which provides a level of security in the between the first two (governmental SatCom) and addressed by the EU GOVSATCOM programme component.

Satellite communications are increasingly critical for the EU’s security, prosperity and competitiveness. Secure satellite connectivity offers an additional layer of resilience along with robust security features to guarantee assured access by authorised users. Secure SatCom are essential for Europe’s defence, security, humanitarian and emergency response and diplomatic communications. 

In the EU, secure SatCom will be provided by the new GOVSATCOM programme, which will offer secure and cost-efficient communications capabilities to security and safety critical missions and operations managed by the European Union and its Member States, including national security actors and EU Agencies and institutions.

Updated: May 16, 2023