GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force

With the release of GNSS raw measurements on Android (Nougat version and higher), GSA has launched the GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force to engage with leading experts in navigation and positioning, and boost innovation around this new feature.

Launched in June 2017, the Task Force aims to share knowledge and expertise on Android raw measurements and its use, including its potential for high accuracy positioning techniques. The Task Force includes GNSS experts, scientists and GNSS market players, and promotes a wider use of these raw measurements.

All new smartphones that feature Android 7.0 (and higher) give application developers direct access to raw GNSS measurements. This unique feature allows users to get not only pseudoranges, Doppler and carrier phase measurements, and opens up the possibility of using alternative strategies for position, velocity and time (PVT) computation.

Task Force Members

Experts from these agencies, universities, research institutes and companies are members of the GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force.


Task Force Members have available for their use a Measurements Database, where Task Force members can upload data logs and relevant documents. It is accessible through Google docs.

Please note that the database is available in full only to registered users, that is The Task Force members. If you want to become one, please contact

Updated: May 19, 2021