• ANSP:Air Navigation Service Provider
  • APV:Approach with Vertical Guidance
  • ARINC:Aeronautical Radio, INC
  • ARTEMIS:Advanced Relay and Technology Mission Satellite
  • ARTES:Advanced Research in TElecommunication Systems
  • ATC:Air Traffic Control
  • ATM:Air Traffic Management or Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • ATS:Air Traffic Services
  • ATSP:ATS Providers
  • BIH:

    nternational Time Bureau International de l’Heure

  • BIPM:

    International Bureau of Weights and Measures (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures)

  • Bps:Bit per second
  • CAA:Civil Aviation Authority
  • CAASD:Centre for Advanced Aviation System Development
  • CADM:Configuration And Data Management
  • CAT-1:Category 1 Precision Approach Phase of Flight
  • CAT-2:Category 2 Precision Approach Phase of Flight
  • CCB:Change Configuration Board or Configuration Control Board
  • CCF:Central Control Facility
  • CCI:Communications Control Interface
  • CCITT:

    International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee (Comite Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique or International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee)

  • CNES:

    The National Centre for Space Studies (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales)

  • CRD:Comment Response Documents (at EASA)
  • DGAC:

    The Directorate General for Civil Aviation (Direction Generale Aviation Civile)

  • DGPS:Differential GPS
  • DLR:

    German Aerospace Center (Deutsche forschungsanstalt fur Luft – und Raumfahrt e.v.)

  • EASA:European Aviation Safety Agency
  • ECAC:European Civil Aviation Conference
  • ECEF:Earth Centred Earth Fixed
  • ECSS:European Co-operation for Space Standardisation
  • EDAS:

    EGNOS Data Access Service

  • EDP:EGNOS ILD Documentation Plan
  • EETES:EGNOS End To End Simulation
  • EGNOS:European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
  • EMP:EGNOS Maintenance Plan
  • ENAV:Ente Nationale di Assistenze al Volo (Italy)
  • ENMA:EGNOS Network Management Application
  • ENMC:EGNOS Network Monitoring & Control
  • ENT:EGNOS Network Time
  • EOIG:EGNOS Operators and Infrastructure Group
  • EPUE:EGNOS Prototype User Equipment
  • EPUERD:EPUE Requirements Document
  • ERAM:EGNOS Requirements Allocation Matrix
  • ERNP:European RadioNavigation Plan
  • ESA:European Space Agency
  • ESRRD:EGNOS Standard Receiver Document
  • ESSF:EGNOS System Simulation Facility
  • ESSP:European Satellite Services Provider
  • ESTB:EGNOS System Test Bed
  • ESTEC:European Space Research and Technology Centre (Noordwijk)
  • ESVS:EGNOS Service Volume Simulator
  • ETG:European Tripartite Group
  • ETMS:EGNOS Transport Management System
  • ETSO:European Technical Standard Order
  • EVP:EGNOS Verification Plan
  • EUROCAE:European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
  • FAA:Federal Aviation Administration
  • FOC:Full Operational Capability
  • GBA:Geostationary Broadcast Area
  • GBAS:Ground Based Augmentation System
  • GEO:

    Geostationary Earth Orbit


    Global Navigation Satellite System (Russia)

  • GMDSS:Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  • GNOS:Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
  • GNSS:Global Navigation Satellite System
  • GPS:

    Global Positioning System (US)

  • GSA:European GNSS Agency
  • GSBAS:Geostationary Satellite Based Augmentation System
  • G-SBAS:Geostationary-Satellite Based Augmentation Systems
  • GSCN:Ground Segment Communication Network
  • GSM:Global System for Mobile communications
  • IALA:International Association of Lighthouse Authorities
  • IATA:International Air Transport Association
  • ICAO:International Civil Aviation Organisation
  • IERS:International Earth Rotation Service
  • IGS:International GPS Service for Geodynalics
  • ILS:Instrument Landing System or Integrated Logistics Support
  • IMO:International Maritime Organisation
  • INC:Inmarsat Navigation Center
  • INMARSAT:International MARitime SATellite
  • INS:Inertial Navigation System
  • IOC:Initial Operational Capability
  • ISO:

    International Organization for Standardization

  • ITT:Invitation To Tender
  • ITU:International Time Unit
  • JAA:Joint Aviation Authorities
  • JCB:Joint Communications Board (ESA)
  • Kbps:Kilobits per second
  • L1:L1-GPS frequency (L1 = 1575,42 MHz)
  • L2:L2-GPS frequency (L1 = 1227,2 MHz)
  • LAAS:Local Area Augmentation System
  • LAD:Local Area Differential
  • LADGPS:Local Area Differential GPS
  • LAN:Local Area Network
  • LPV:Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance
  • MASPS:Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard
  • MCU:Management & Control Unit
  • MLS:Microwave Landing System
  • MOPS:Minimum Operational Performance Standard
  • MRD:Mission Requirements Document
  • MSAS:Multi-transport Satellite-based Augmentation System
  • MTSAT:Multi Transport SATellite
  • NAS:National Airspace System or National Air Space
  • NATS:National Air Traffic Services (UK)
  • NAV:NAVigation sub-system
  • NCC:Network Control Centre
  • NCM:Network Control Management
  • NM:Nautical Mile
  • NSA:Navigation Service Availability
  • NSE:Navigation System Error
  • OD:Orbit Designation
  • PB-NAV:Programme Board-Navigation (ESA)
  • PBN:Performance Based Navigation
  • PPS:Precise Positioning Service or Pulse Per Second
  • PS:Power Supply
  • RAAS:Regional Area Augmentation System
  • RAIM:Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
  • RAM:Reliability Availability and Maintainability or Random Access Memory
  • RAMS:Reliability Availability, Maintainability and Safety
  • RF:Radio Frequency
  • RFI:Radio Frequency Interference
  • R-GEO:Ranging via GEO satellites
  • RIMSRD:RIMS Requirements Document
  • RNAV:Radio NAVigation
  • RNP:Required Navigation Performance or Required Navigation Parameters
  • RS:Remote Station or Reference Station
  • RST:Reference System Time
  • RTCA:Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics or Radio Technical Committee of America
  • RTK:Real Time Kinematics
  • RTOS:Real Time Operating System
  • RTSS:Real-Time Simulation Segment
  • RX:Receiver
  • SBAS:Satellite Based Augmentation System
  • SCC:Satellite Control Centre
  • SDM:System Definition Manual

    EGNOS Subsystem Element

  • SESAR:Single European Sky ATM Research
  • SL:Service Level or Station de Localisation
  • SLA:Service Level Agreement (with network service provider)
  • SLRD:System Level Requirements Document or SL Requirements Document
  • SNAPAS:Satellite Navigation Performance Analysis Software
  • SNT:Satellite Navigation Transponder
  • SOC:Spacecraft Operation Centre
  • SOLAS:Safety of Life At Sea
  • SPS:Standard Positioning Service
  • TAS:True Air Speed
  • TBO:Time Between Outages
  • TN-033:Technical Note on EGNOS overlay services
  • TTC:Telemetry, Tracking and Command
  • UTC:Coordinated Universal Time
  • WAAS:Wide Area Augmentation System
  • WAC:Wide Area Correction
  • WAD:Wide Area Differential
  • WADC:Wide Area Differential Correction
  • WADGPS:Wide Area Differential GPS
  • WBS:Work Breakdown Structure
  • WGS:World Geodesic System
  • WGS-84:World Geodetic System
  • WP:WorkPackage
  • LBS:

    Location-based services

  • TTFF:

    Time to first fix


    Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue system

  • RIMS:

    Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station

  • MCC:

    Mission Control Centres

  • EWAN:

    EGNOS Wide Area Network

  • RTCM:

    Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services

  • SL0:

    Service Level 0

  • SL1:

    Service Level 1

  • PPP:

    Precise Point Positioning

  • IoT:

    Internet of Things

  • Geo-IoT:

    Geolocation - Internet of Things

  • LPWAN:

    Low-Power Wide-Area Network

  • UAV:

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • UAVs:

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • SDD:

    Service Definition Document

  • OS:

    Open Service

  • SoL:

    Safety of Life

  • SIS:


  • EUSPA:

    European Union Agency for the Space Programme

  • GOVSATCOM:Governmental Satellite Communications
  • OSNMA:Open Service Navigation Message Authentication service
  • GSMC:

    Galileo Security Monitoring Centre


    Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space


  • SSA:

    Space Situational Awareness

  • SST:

    Space Surveillance and Tracking 

  • CFSP:

    Common Foreign and Security Policy

  • PRS:

    Public Regulated Service

  • EuroQCI:

    Euro Quantum Communication Infrastructure


    European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites

  • EARSC:

    European Association of Remote Sensing Companies

  • SUE:

    SECRET UE/EU SECRET: the unauthorised disclosure of this information could seriously harm the essential interests of the EU or one or more of the Member States.

  • RUE:

    RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED: the unauthorised disclosure of this information could be disadvantageous to the interests of the EU or one or more of the Member States.

  • IDD:

    Internet Data Distribution

  • IRIS²:

    Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnectivity and Security by Satellite

  • EO:

    Earth Observation

  • SWE:

    Space Weather Events

  • SatCen:

    European Union Satellite Centre

  • NEO:

    Near-Earth Objects

  • SAR:

    Search and Rescue

  • RLS:

    Return Link Service

  • SAR RLS:

    Galileo Search and Rescue Return Link Service

  • GCC:

    Galileo Control Centre

  • SGSC:

    SAR/Galileo Service Centre

  • GSC:

    GNSS Service Centre

  • GRC:

    Galileo Reference Centre

  • GILSC:

    Galileo Integrated Logistics Support Centre

  • ULS:

    Uplink Station

  • GSS:

    Ground Sensor Station


    Medium Altitude Earth Orbit Local User Terminal

  • REFBE:

    Galileo/SAR Reference Beacons

  • IOT:

    In-Orbit Testing Station

  • GIOVE:

    Galileo In-Orbit Validation Element

  • ESMAS:

    Satefy of Life Assisted Service for Maritime users

  • MEO:

    Medium Earth Orbit

  • HAS:

    High Accuracy Service

  • EWSS:

    Galileo Emergency Warning Satellite Service

  • CAS:

    Commercial Authentication Service

  • MPL:

    Minimum Performance Level

  • PLB:

    Personal Locator Beacon 

  • PLBs:

    Personal Locator Beacons

  • EPIRB:

    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

  • EPIRBs:

    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons

  • ELT:

    Emergency Locator Transmitters

  • CAMS:

    Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service

  • CMEMS:

    Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service

  • CLMS:

    Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

  • C3S:

    Copernicus Climate Change Service

  • CEMS:

    Copernicus Emergency Management Service

  • R&D:

    Research and Development

  • R&I:

    Research and Innovation

  • MCCR:

    Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center