How do we use cookies?

How do we use cookies?

On the EUSPA website the following types of cookies are used: ‘first-party persistent cookies', ‘session cookies’ and ‘social media cookies’.

'First-party persistent cookies' enable the tracking of the following information about the visitors to our website:

  • IP address (anonymised)
  • Location: country, region, city, approximate latitude and longitude (Geolocation)
  • Date and time of the request (visit to the site)
  • Title of the page being viewed (Page Title)
  • URL of the page being viewed (Page URL)
  • URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page (Referrer URL)
  • Screen resolution of the user's device
  • Time in local visitor's time-zone
  • Files that were clicked and downloaded (Download)
  • Links to an outside domain that were clicked (Outlink)
  • Pages generation time (the time it takes for webpages to be generated by the webserver and then downloaded by the visitor: Page speed)
  • The main language of the browser being used (Accept-Language header)
  • Browser version, browser plugins (PDF, Flash, Java, …) operating system version, device identifier (User-Agent header)
  • Language of the visited page
  • Campaigns
  • Site Search
  • Events

The collected data will not be shared with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes. Moreover, the abovementioned data cannot be used to identify a particular visitor.

'First party' cookies are created by the EUSPA website and enable:

  • proper functioning of the website;
  • the EUSPA to collect statistics to improve website functionalities – for this purpose, EUSPA uses Google Analytics (more information is provided here);
  • social media sharing functions.

'Persistent' means that these cookies expire after thirteen months (13), after which they are automatically removed from the users’ device.

Session’ Cookies do not contain any data - they are placed for the duration of a user session (time spent browsing the website). These cookies are necessary to keep the visitor’s choice selection when the website is accessed.

Social media cookies’: The EUSPA is active on four social media platforms. Our presence in the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn communities strengthens our online presence and visibility.

  • The EUSPA website does not set cookies with the display of links to our social media channels when you are browsing our website;
  • You can watch EUSPA videos, which we upload (embed) from our YouTube page. You can also follow links from our website to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • EUSPA videos on our website are embedded from our YouTube channel, with privacy-enhanced mode enabled. This makes it possible to embed videos from our YouTube channel on our website without cookies.
  • Videos viewed on our YouTube channel follow YouTube’s own cookie and privacy policies over which we have no control. There is no installation of cookies from YouTube until you consent to YouTube cookies;
  • Similarly, by clicking on the Facebook or LinkedIn button on our website, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn and Facebook sites, which have their own cookie and privacy policies over which we have no control;
  • The display of our Twitter feed on this website uses a cookie-free component. Clicking on the Twitter icon on this website will re-direct you to the Twitter site, which has its own cookie and privacy policies over which we have no control.