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EU Space at the heart of the EU Maritime Security Strategy

27 April 2023
EU Space at the heart of the EU Maritime Security Strategy
With the services and data provided by the EU Space Programme and the support offered by EUSPA, it’s smooth and safe sailing for Europe’s maritime sector.

Fundamental Elements Industry Days Workshop: Developing cutting-edge devices for emergency response

17 April 2023
The two new calls currently open are looking to support the development of two important upcoming Galileo services for emergency management by developing components for cutting-edge devices.
The Fundamental Elements Industry Days workshop will include in-depth information on the funding programme and the application process a well as insights about the calls.

Are all signals the same?

13 April 2023
The EGNOS Safety of Life Service stands out not only in terms of the accuracy provided but also by its integrity. It is essential for applications where human life could be in danger if the performance of the navigation system was degraded beyond a specific level of accuracy.
Beyond the aviation sector, EGNOS improves and extends the scope of such GNSS applications as precision farming, on-road vehicle management and navigating ships through narrow channels

Galileo High Accuracy Service goes live!

24 January 2023
The Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) is now operational offering unprecedented accuracy for positioning.
Galileo HAS increases the accuracy of Galileo to sub-meter levels, becoming the first constellation worldwide able to provide a high-accuracy service globally.

EUSPA welcomes the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

06 January 2023
Security, resilience, prosperity, democratic values and the rule of law – these are the priorities of the Swedish Presidency, all of which stand to benefit from the EU Space Programme.
EUSPA welcomes the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Countdown to a New Year of EU Space

22 December 2022
Join us as we countdown to 2023 by highlighting some of this year’s milestones in EU Space.
European Union as captured by Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite

The new IRISS Constellation will be beneficial to EU citizens in several ways, find out 5 of them!

29 November 2022
After the negotiations between the European Parliament, Council and Commission, the European Union welcomes its new Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnection & Security by Satellites or IRISS.

Hellenic Aviation Service Provider to host EGNOS V3 ground station in Athens, Greece

05 October 2022
As EGNOS transitions to Version 3, its ground segment is getting an upgrade – including the Ranging Integrity Monitoring Station located in Athens, Greece.
EUSPA and the Hellenic Aviation Service Provider agree on a joint statement on the upgrade and hosting of an EGNOS Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS)

Wanted: space-based solutions for solving the oceans’ plastic problem

08 September 2022
A new CASSINI competition is looking for innovative solutions that leverage the EU Space Programme to detect, monitor and remove plastic litter from our oceans and waterways.
CASSINI Maritime Maritime Prize is the new contest under the CASSINI competition initiative

EUSPA taps ESSP for EGNOS service provider role

06 September 2022
The contract includes a focus on further expanding the EGNOS service provision into new sectors and new geographical areas.
EUSPA signs new EGNOS service provider contract with ESSP

User Consultation Platform helps set the course for the EU Space Programme

02 September 2022
Users are at the heart of the EU Space Programme, and the annual User Consultation Platform is a chance for this group to share their needs and requirements.
A highlight on the EU Space Week agenda, the UCP invites users from a range of market segments to present their needs and requirements

EUSPA welcomes Shriya satellite to the Galileo family!

29 August 2022
Satellite GSAT0224 has joined the Galileo constellation, bringing enhanced accuracy and more robust navigation to users everywhere.
The Galileo satellite GSAT0224 entered into service on 29 August

EU Space enables safer maritime operations

17 July 2022
When it comes to protecting the safety of crew and passengers at sea, Galileo, Copernicus and the forthcoming GOVSATCOM give the maritime sector the perfect trifecta.
The exercise involved the activation of a Galileo-enabled EPIRB equipped with the innovative Return Link Service on board a leisure boat.

Using Galileo to protect boats from criminals

12 July 2022
Developed with the support of the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), ARGOS uses Galileo positioning, on-board sensors and other technologies to protect vessels against theft, un-anchoring and cyberattacks.
New security solution uses Galileo to protect boats from criminal activity

Pytheas Space Maritime Forum: educating the next generation EU seafarers and young professionals with the power of #EUSpace

08 June 2022
Calling all students, seafarers and young professionals between the ages of 20 and 30. If you’re interested in the maritime shipping and space industries, then be sure to apply for the first Pytheas Maritime Space Forum.
The first Pytheas Maritime Space Forum is a 3 day summer camp open to EU students, seafarers and young professional between the ages of 20 and 30 with an interest in the shipping and/or space industries.