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EGNOS and Galileo User Satisfaction Survey 2023 is open, and we want to hear from you!

24 November 2023
EUSPA is looking for your feedback on the EGNOS and Galileo User Satisfaction Survey 2023 so we can keep improving our services and provide a seamless user experience.
The EGNSS User Satisfaction Surveys aim at collecting valuable feedback from current and potential users.

EU Space Week kicks off in Seville

08 November 2023
EU Space Week, happening now in Seville, is putting the spotlight on Europe’s dynamic – and rapidly growing – space sector, with over 3,000 participants both online and onsite.
EU Space Week, happening now in Seville, is putting the spotlight on Europe’s dynamic – and rapidly growing – space sector

The new Horizon Europe Call is now open

02 November 2023
The new EUSPA Horizon Europe Call, with a substantial budget of 34.5 million EUR, is open with a deadline of 14 February.
The 3rd Horizon Europe Call is ongoing with an overall budget of 34.5 miilion EUR

EUSpace4Ukraine Demonstrator Day: Enhancing Humanitarian Support for Ukrainian People

09 October 2023
The EUSpace4Ukraine Demonstrator Day showcased EU Space technology's potential in enhancing humanitarian aid.
The EUSpace4Ukraine Demo Day showcased EU Space technology's potential in enhancing humanitarian aid

Breaking into space entrepreneurship with "Cassini Challenges"

06 October 2023
Space is more than Mars landings. It’s about creating solutions that make a positive impact on the economy or help us green our planet.
The Cassini Challenge (formerly known as #myeuspace competition) is the one stop shop for both experienced and inexperienced innovators who want to break into the space industry!

Uno, dos, tres… Registrations for EU Space Week are open!

03 October 2023
The registrations for the EU Space Week 2023 are officially open! Join us in Sevilla and online from the 7th to 9th of November 2023.
The registration for the EU Space Week 2023 go live!

EUSPA Industry Day: Development of PRS Signal-in-Space Monitoring Tool

01 September 2023
EUSPA has opened a new procurement opportunity for a Public Regulated Service (PRS) Signal-in-Space (SIS) Monitoring Tool
EUSPA actively contributes to the development of all areas of the PRS user segment

I/NAV improvements are now available to all Galileo Open Service users

18 August 2023
Galileo Open Service (OS) has been upgraded with three I/NAV improvements. It will result in faster availability and increased robustness

Using the EU Space Programme for disaster risk management in Hungary

21 July 2023
From satellite navigation thanks to Galileo and EGNOS to Earth Observation thanks to Copernicus, each component of the EU Space Programme brings added value to the different phases of disaster risk management. Soon, the addition of GOVSATCOM and IRIS2 will add an extra layer of efficiency in the management of disasters by providing secured and uninterrupted satellite communications to EU Member States.
Lake Balaton, as captured by Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery. Credit: European Union

Successful demonstration of New Emergency Warning Satellite Service takes place in France & Germany

12 July 2023
The Emergency Warning Satellite Service (EWSS) is a new service of the Galileo programme, which is at the disposal of national civil protection authorities to alert the population in case of a looming disaster. This new ground-breaking feature of the EU’s positioning system will serve as an alternative solution in case traditional terrestrial alerting systems are not available.
Galileo EWSS offers an alternative solution in emergency scenarios.

EUSPA Releases User Consultation Platform 2022 Reports

14 June 2023
The input gathered by EU Space Programme users during the User Consultation Platform 2022 was used to compile a set of analytical reports covering various market segments. The reports include user needs and requirements concerning Copernicus for the first time and are now available for download.

Sustainably supporting 8 billion people with EU Space

08 June 2023
A new report by the EUSPA and United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) highlight the many ways the EU Space Programme helps balance sustainable development with a rapidly growing population.
A new report by UNOOSA & EUSPA looks at how Copernicus, Galileo, EGNOS and GOVSATCOM can address such population-related challenges as food security, water management, climate change and the environment.

New site in Greenland to enhance Galileo SAR

31 May 2023
EUSPA and Naviair strengthened their cooperation to enhance the monitoring capabilities of the Galileo Search and Rescue (SAR) Service by establishing a new site in Greenland.
Maniitsoq, Greenland

Search and Rescue Exercise in Cyprus highlights the role of the EU Space Programme in maritime operations

19 May 2023
A workshop and Search and Rescue exercise in Cyprus highlight the important role EU Space plays in emergency response and disaster risk management.
Being EU Maritime Day and all, why not take a few minutes and check out this article about how EU Space enables safer maritime operations – including search and rescue operations.

Finding resiliency in the face of disaster

15 February 2023
How companies are using EU Space to bring new hope to disaster response, recovery and mitigation efforts.
The wildfires in Chile remind us how important it is to have innovative tools and solutions for resilient risk management and response. Credit: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-3 imagery, 2023