3rd Call for EGNOS adoption in aviation, want to be part of it?

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16 February 2018
The next webinar for the 3rd aviation call will take place on the 10th of April 2018 at 3pm CEST

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published a 3rd call for proposals with a view to awarding grants to promote EGNOS operational implementation in aviation. The goal of this activity is wide-scale implementation of EGNOS-based operations throughout European airports and among European airspace users.

This call is targeting all aviation segments: Commercial, regional, business, general aviation and rotorcraft users interested in EGNOS operational implementation. The objective of the call is to foster the use of EGNOS for navigation and surveillance applications, increase network effect and maximise public benefits.

To achieve the objectives of the call, applicants are expected to conduct one or more of the following activities:

  • The design and operational implementation of EGNOS based LPV/LPV 200 approach procedures, PinS, low level IFR routes at different European airports/heliports/routes;
  • Design and implementation of other communication, navigation and surveillance applications benefitting from EGNOS for all phases of flight;
  • The installation of EGNOS-enabled avionics and granting of airworthiness certification for RNP APCH procedures down to LPV minima, including PinS;
  • Development of retrofit and forward-fit solutions including LPV capabilities;
  • Development of enablers and other EGNOS based operations such as, but not limited to, simulators, validation tools, training materials, or drones.

3rd EGNOS Aviation Call – At a Glance

  • Deadline for submitting applications: 21 May 2018 – at 18:00 CET
  • Maximum budget allocated for EU financing under this call: EUR 10,000,000.00
  • Indicative EU financing amount for each project: EUR 800,000.00
  • Maximum EU financing rate of eligible costs: 60%
  • Indicative number of projects: 12

GSA is organizing a series of information sessions about the call. The first one will be organised during the ATM World Congress at the FABEC OPS Theatre on 6/03 from 15:15 to 16:15. Interested users are very welcome to join. This session will be held in cooperation with INEA, who will present the open CEF Call 2017. More information is available at: https://www.worldatmcongress.org/fabec-ops-theatre.

On 15 March and 10 April 2018, two webinars on the “3rd Call for EGNOS Adoption in Aviation” were held to provide applicants with additional details on the proposal preparation. The resources shared during the webinar are now available.

If you are interested in this call for proposals and have a question you would like answered, you can send it to: gnss.grants@gsa.europa.eu. For more detailed information on the call, check here.

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