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The new IRISS Constellation will be beneficial to EU citizens in several ways, find out 5 of them!

29 November 2022
After the negotiations between the European Parliament, Council and Commission, the European Union welcomes its new Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnection & Security by Satellites or IRISS.

6 ways your financial well-being starts with space

28 November 2022
From helping financial institutions make more sustainable investment decisions to evaluating claims from the sky, EU Space is set to have a big impact on the insurance and finance sectors. Here are six ways that it’s already happening.

EGNOS upgrade getting ready to improve performance and elevate the user experience

22 November 2022
The EGNOS V242B system upgrade incorporates advanced data processing functionalities to increase service resilience against peak solar activity and ionosphere phenomena.
EGNOS Satellite orbiting

Kicking-off the festive season with EUSPA Open Days 2022!

15 November 2022
EUSPA Open Days are back on track! Taking place between December 8 and 10, everybody will have the unique opportunity to enter the Agency and get an insider’s look at the EU Space Programme, its services, and the people behind it all.
EUSPA Open Days is a two-day, walk-through, immersive experience that will introduce visitors to the EU Space Programme as well the agency's mission.

Attention all GNSS signal simulator manufacturers

10 November 2022
To help GNSS signal simulator manufacturers keep their products up to date, the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), together with the European Commission and the EU Joint Research Centre, is organising an online forum on 13 December 2022.
To bridge the gap between chipset and receiver manufacturers and GNSS simulator manufacturers, EUSPA is holding a dedicated GNSS Simulator Manufacturers Forum on 13 December.

Second Horizon Europe call seeks to develop innovative space downstream applications

09 November 2022
With an overall budget of EUR 48.1 million, the latest Horizon Europe call aims to support innovative downstream applications that utilise Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus and, for the first time, GOVSATCOM.
The second Horizon Europe call is officially open for submissions! With an overall budget of EUR 48.1 million, the call looks to support the development of innovative downstream applications that leverage the data and services offered by the EU Space Programme.

ENTRUSTED consortium representatives discuss the next GOVSATCOM phase in Prague

04 November 2022
The ENTRUSTED consortium, composed of 25 EU governmental actors, convened today at the EUSPA Prague headquarters to consolidate the first user baseline for GOVSATCOM.
ENTRUSTED is a research project in the area of secure satellite communications (SatCom) for EU governmental actors.

Protecting coastal regions starts with space

03 November 2022
The answer to maintaining a healthy balance between protecting biodiversity and economic activity could be found through space.
This image, acquired by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites on 17 April 2022, shows the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park, particularly the islands of Neuwerk, Scharhörn and Nigehörn within its perimeter.

Faster and more robust: three I/NAV improvements to upgrade the Galileo Open Service

27 October 2022
As part of EUSPA’s continuous enhancement of the Galileo Open Service, three new features involving the I/NAV message will boost performance in terms of robustness, timeliness and service continuity.
I/NAV improvements are part of EUSPA’s continuous improvement of the Galileo Open Service

We want to hear from end users like you: the EGNOS and Galileo Survey is now open

24 October 2022
Help shape the future of EU satellite navigation by taking our annual EGNOS and Galileo User Satisfaction Surveys.
Galileo and EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey is now open! This is your chance to tell us what you think about these programmes and share your thoughts on how we can make the services they provide even better.

EU Space to play a pivotal role in the European Critical Raw Materials Act

17 October 2022
The raw materials sector depends on GNSS and Earth Observation for everything from surveying mining sites to accessing remote areas and enabling the safe operation of heavy machinery.
EU Space is set to play a bigger role in the raw materials sector, becoming a key enabler in achieving the rare earth independence envisioned by the new European Critical Raw Materials Act.

EUSPA launches the #myEUspace competition 2022

14 October 2022
To encourage entrepreneurs to develop innovative commercial applications that leverage data coming from the EU Space Programme, the #myEUspace competition is putting a pool prize of nearly EUR 1 million in cash on the table!
EUSPA is looking to support the development of innovative commercial applications that leverage data coming from the EU Space Programme.

10 Highlights from an eventful EU Space Week

07 October 2022
EU Space Week 2022 was full of informative sessions, insightful keynote speeches and interesting demos from space-based companies. Here’s a taste of just some of what happened.
Dinka Dinkova introducing the Welcome Address panel at EU Space Week 2022

Hellenic Aviation Service Provider to host EGNOS V3 ground station in Athens, Greece

05 October 2022
As EGNOS transitions to Version 3, its ground segment is getting an upgrade – including the Ranging Integrity Monitoring Station located in Athens, Greece.
EUSPA and the Hellenic Aviation Service Provider agree on a joint statement on the upgrade and hosting of an EGNOS Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS)

EU Space is the key to robust, sustainable growth

29 September 2022
EUSPA joined representatives from the European Commission, Czech Republic and the space industry at the Prague House in Brussels to discuss how the EU Space Programme is creating opportunities for sustainable, game-changing growth.
EUSPA Executive Director Rodrigo da Costa at the Prague House event in Brussels