First ever SatCom Downstream Days a success

17 May 2023
Over 100 players from the SatCom sector came to EUSPA headquarters in Prague for the first ever SatCom Downstream Industry Days.
Over 100 players from the SatCom sector came to EUSPA headquarters in Prague for the first ever SatCom Downstream Industry Days.

Satellite Communications (SatCom) play an essential role in ensuring continuity in a wide range of governmental missions, supporting the operations of key infrastructure as well as being an essential tool for the Crisis management and Surveillance missions– especially when terrestrial networks are not available or are not sufficiently secure. That’s why, in today’s volatile geopolitical landscape, having access to robust, assured satellite communications is of utmost importance. It was against this background that EUSPA hosted the very first SatCom Downstream Days. Over 100 industry players participated in the event, which was held at EUSPA headquarters in Prague. 

“SatCom is a key domain for Europe. Its contribution is not only crucial for the economy but it is also supporting the other space segments transversally and securely. Together with the other components of the EU Space Programme, it will contribute to ensuring the EU’s strategic autonomy,” says EUSPA Executive Director Rodrigo da Costa.

Featuring a range of engaging panel discussions led by governmental users and industry representatives, the event helped facilitate open dialogue between end users (Member States, EU Agencies) and European SatCom downstream industry players. It was also a chance to reflect on current challenges and propose innovative solutions, such as the 14 downstream applications pitched by innovative SatCom companies.   

Key takeaways from these discussions include the need to combine the benefits of multiple orbits (LEO, MEO and GEO) and the ability to deploy SatCom services swiftly and securely beyond terrestrial connection points as well as seamlessly integrate SatCom solutions with terrestrial based connectivity. Representatives from the European Commission specifically highlighted how standardisation and interoperability among terrestrial and satellite communication networks will influence the development of SatCom applications.

Secure SatCom in action

Participants were also treated to demonstrations of secured SatCom use cases by the EU-funded ENTRUSTED project.  

Established to provide a concrete set of governmental user requirements for GOVSATCOM services, representatives from the project demonstrated how users can benefit from the secure and interoperable services the programme will provide. The demos included pooling and sharing capabilities, access to telecommunication services in remote areas, and the confidentiality, integrity and availability offered by secure and highly secure SatCom services. 

The ENTRUSTED project has consolidated hundreds SatCom user needs and requirements, defined 85 governmental use cases and conducted an in-depth assessment of the user technology needs that the forthcoming GOVSATCOM and IRIS2 programmes will cover.

Presentations from the 1st SatCom Downstream Days can be found here.

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Updated: May 17, 2023