GSA announces new funding opportunity for development of Galileo-based timing receiver

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21 December 2017
The FE call aims at developing a Galileo-based receiver to provide accurate and robust timing for critical infrastructures

Following the expansion of the Galileo constellation and the declaration of Initial Services, the availability of Galileo Timing & Synchronisation solutions has become of strategic importance. Moreover, the European Commission has pre-announced the introduction of Galileo in critical infrastructures.

Against this backdrop, the GSA is launching a call for proposals, the main objective of which is to develop a Galileo-based timing receiver for these infrastructures.

Proposals should define the user’s and timing receiver requirements; design, develop, test and validate the prototype with simulated and real data scenarios; and contain the following essential elements:

  • The prototype receiver should include, as a minimum, a mode of operation to obtain the Galileo System Time and UTC based on Galileo signals only, both in single and multiple frequency;
  • Robust receiver solutions should be implemented;
  • The interfaces to be implemented are: PTP, NTP, SyncE, PPS, 10 MHz, and IRIG-B.


A webinar will be held on the 11 January 2018 to inform applicants on how to prepare a successful proposal. To register for the webinar, click here. Potential applicants can also address questions related to the content of this call directly to the GSA at this e-mail: Responses will be posted on the call page on the GSA website.

Furthermore, the GSA also plans to hold an Info Day at its headquarters in Prague on 14 March 2018, focusing on upcoming opportunities under Fundamental Elements. The event will also provide an update on the status of the programme. Participants in the Info Day will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the European Commission/GSA, ongoing Fundamental Elements projects and the GNSS industry. Registration for the Info Day will open in the first week of January – so stay tuned!


Fundamental Elements call: At a glance

  • Deadline for submission of proposals: Extended to 13 April 2018
  • Expected signature of contract: August 2018
  • Maximum budget allocated: EUR 3.500.000
  • Maximum number of projects: 2
  • Indicative EU financing amount for each of the two projects: EUR 1.750.000 (70% co-funding)
  • Webinar date: 11 January 2018


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Updated: Apr 09, 2018