Harnessing Galileo to shape the future of IoT

16 March 2020
Point.IoT aims to leverage Galileo to drive innovation in IoT.
Point.IoT aims to leverage Galileo to drive innovation in IoT.

Point.IoT, an exciting new programme designed to empower innovation using Galileo and IoT technologies, is offering 10 teams of ambitious entrepreneurs the chance to tackle relevant industry challenges while showcasing the use of European positioning technologies in IoT. The winning team stands to win a cash prize of EUR 20,000. Interested? Apply here!

The Point.IoT competition is centred on two challenges, which were reached following a careful study of where Galileo can make a positive impact on IoT. The first of the challenges asks the teams to design and develop the next generation of asset tracking and management solutions for industries with large-scale infrastructure, such as airports, construction sites and power stations.

As part of the second challenge, the teams are tasked with designing and developing a real-time risk and location monitoring device that can be worn on or around the body to improve personal safety in the workplace. This solution will increase safety because, when site managers can better understand the movements of their personnel, they can create a safer environment for everyone on site.

Essential tools

The Point.IoT programme kicks off with a two-day, action-packed boot camp in Paris, France, where the teams will acquire some essential tools for their work ahead. The teams will also have the opportunity to meet with industry experts who will become their lead, business and technical mentors to guide them on their solution development journey.

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Then the teams will return home for a three-month virtual sprint, during which they will receive one-on-one coaching from industry experts to ensure their solutions are both technically robust and strategically positioned for market success. 

Exciting opportunities

Point.IoT culminates in a demo day, where the teams will have the opportunity to showcase their developments. All the teams will pitch their solutions to the jury, which will evaluate each team’s solution and decide on the overall winner and the EUR 20,000 cash prize recipient. 

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It’s not only money that’s on offer however. The jury will also select five teams to take part in a leading investor roadshow. The programme also offers excellent networking, with the teams being introduced to the programme’s corporate partners and maybe even to their first customers. So, if you have an idea for an IoT solution that harnesses Galileo, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity and sign up before 28 June 2020.

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