Major consultation underway with prospective GOVSATCOM users

20 April 2021
The ENTRUSTED user survey will feed into the development of EU GOVSATCOM
The ENTRUSTED user survey will feed into the development of EU GOVSATCOM

A European-wide survey aimed at identifying user requirements and use cases for future EU GOVSATCOM services was launched by Member States and EU agencies within the ENTRUSTED project, coordinated by the GSA. The survey is targeted at governmental and institutional users managing security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures. Information will be collected between April and June this year. The survey results will provide key elements to consolidate and prioritise the user requirements for the EU GOVSATCOM programme. For more information, click here.

Governmental and institutional entities need to rely on satellite communications (SatCom) whenever standard communication links are not available and secure communication is needed. The 2021-2027 EU Space Programme will enable the provision of secure SatCom services to governmental users under its new component – the Governmental Satellite Communications (EU GOVSATCOM) Programme. 

Understanding user requirements

The survey will assess the current and evolving needs of prospective EU GOVSATCOM users and qualify the way how they are currently using the existing secure SatCom capabilities. Information obtained from respondents will be aggregated and used to derive a set of prioritised user requirements for future EU GOVSATCOM services and identify relevant use cases. 

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“Understanding user requirements is key to providing a targeted service that meets the needs of the user community. This survey will be invaluable in understanding what users expect from EU GOVSATCOM and will help us in shaping future service delivery,” said Flavio SBARDELLATI, project manager for ENTRUSTED at GSA. “We urge all governmental users interested in the GOVSATCOM programme to respond to the survey and help shape the evolution of the service,” he said. 

Reaching the maximum number of users

More than 350 relevant user communities have initially been identified by the ENTRUSTED Consortium, but the survey’s outreach will be further extended, so that the maximum number of future users within the EU is reached. Whether an institution has any experience in the use of secure SatCom or not, it can ask for authorisation to take part in the survey. The ENTRUSTED Consortium will foster the participation of users in this study regardless the actual level of their previous experience in secure SatCom. 

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ENTRUSTED (European Networking for satellite Telecommunication Roadmap for the governmental Users requiring Secure, inTeroperable, innovativE and standardiseD services) is a European research project, coordinated by the European GNSS Agency (GSA). It aims at providing a user perspective on the EU GOVSATCOM programme and will generate a prioritised set of user requirements for secure SatCom services and systems, as well as a user technology research and innovation roadmap. 

The ENTRUSTED survey offers a unique opportunity for users to voice their needs at an early stage of the EU GOVSATCOM programme implementation. More information about the survey can be found here.

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