myEUspace competition

The objective of the competition is to support the development of innovative commercial solutions - such as mobile apps or hardware-based solutions - that are leveraging EU Space data from Galileo and/or Copernicus. Applications are closed

Each participating team shall propose a solution targeting one of the following innovation areas:
Move Me Smart
Smart mobility solutions across all the transportation modes that enable the improvement of efficiency and sustainability while also increase safety.
Competition winner: 
Space My Life
Consumer solutions such as mobile applications and any other solutions using space data for health, gaming, sports, leisure, tourism and everyday life.
Competition winner: 
Our Green Planet
Innovative solutions addressing environmental challenges, sustainable life, consumption and production.
Competition winner: 
Map My World
Innovative surveying solutions to shape the future of geomatics, rural planning and smart cities by design.
Competition winner: 
Farming By Satellite
Technological solutions that manage the variability of agricultural production, improve crop yield, reduce environmental impact and optimize the food chain.
Competition winner: 
Dive in Quantum
Innovative solutions applying quantum technologies (computing, sensing, simulation, encryption etc.) enhancing space downstream applications.
Competition winner: 


Please make sure you read the Terms of Reference here for requirements specifications and please complete all the forms before submitting your application.

Clarification note #1 is available here.

Clarification note #2 is available here.

Clarification note #3 is available here.

Clarification note #4 is available here.

Corrigendum #1 is available here.

Corrigendum #2 is available here.


The competition will be organised in two tracks:

Track 1: From Idea to Prototype/Customer validation

Teams are asked to turn their theoretical idea into a prototype/beta version of their product,articulate their value proposition and explore Problem-Solution Fit based on a validation test in a relevant environment. Projects expected to reach at least TRL 4.


Applications addressing the “Dive in Quantum” innovation area shall be submitted only in Track 1.


Track 2: From Prototype to Product/Market entry

Teams are asked to bring their prototype/beta version to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), reach a functional stage and commercialization readiness and develop a value proposition to meet Product-Market Fit. Projects expected to reach at least TRL 9.


Important note: Each team can apply to one track only for the same idea.

The two Tracks will be executed in parallel and independently. The choice of track should follow the maturity stage of the solution at the time of the proposal’s submission.

Discover the finalists and winners here.



At the end of first and second step awarded teams will receive the following prizes:

First step: Submission

Track 1:

  • The 23 best ideas, 4 per application area (with the exception of Dive in Quantum area in which up to 3 ideas will be selected), will receive a prize in amount of € 10,000 (ten thousand Euro) each to launch their prototype development.

Track 2: 

  • The 20 best beta applications/prototypes, 4 per application area, will receive a prize in amount of € 15.000 (fifteen thousand Euro) each to complete the product development and achieve market entry.


Second step: Development Phase

Track 1: 

  • The 6 best projects, 1 per application area, will receive an additional prize in amount of € 25,000 (Twenty-five thousand Euro) each.

Track 2: 

  • The 5 best projects, 1 per application area, will receive an additional prize in amount of € 50,000 (Fifty thousand Euro) each.


Prizes shall be awarded in accordance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment and shall promote the achievement of policy objectives of the Union.

Additionally, each member of the teams participating in the Finals will receive a certificate of reaching the final stage.


The following criteria will be considered for the assessment of the projects along the all steps of the contest:
  • Innovation (1-5): How innovative and novel the approach is compared to existing technical solutions and commercial services? Is this kind of solution not yet available on the market or addressing a new application area? Is the application technologically advanced (e.g. using multi-frequency, innovative algorithms)?
  • Market potential (1-5): Is there a potential market demand/customer base for this product/solution? What is the revenue potential? Does the solution address needs of regional markets or improve the offer available in regional markets?
  • Feasibility (1-5): How feasible the solution is within the limits of current technology? What progress has been achieved in the application/idea since the start of the challenge?
  • EU Space-relevance (1-5): Is the application making use of Galileo and/or Copernicus? Are Galileo and/or Copernicus differentiators relevant for the application? Are synergies between Galileo-Copernicus data explored?
  • Operational capacity (1-5): What are operational resources (human, technical and other) that will be invested in the solution development? 

These criteria will be assessed confidentially and on a discretionary basis by the EUSPA evaluation board. The applicants irrevocably acknowledge that:

Evaluation board deliberations are confidential and will not be disclosed to applicants.

Got questions? Applicants may send their questions via email to The answers and clarifications will be published on a weekly basis on the competition website.

Applications are closed

1 September 2021
Announcement of Contest
20 September 2021
1st Competition Webinar
You can view the presentation here.
19 October 2021
2nd Competition Webinar. You can view the presentation here.
3 December 2021
Proposals’ submission deadline for both tracks
January 2022
Video calls with shortlisted teams
January 2022
Award of the first phase and launch of the development phase
February 2022
1st progress review with the selected teams
March 2022
2nd progress review with the selected teams
15 April 2022
Deadline for prototypes/products’ submission for both Tracks
May 2022
Contest Finals and award of prizes