Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health

GNSS-enabled Consumer Solutions comprise a multitude of applications, tailor-made to satisfy different usage conditions and needs (e.g. lifestyle, tourism, health, etc.) These applications are supported by several categories of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also specific equipment such as personal tracking devices, wearables, digital cameras and portable computers. Nowadays, with a combination of technologies such as GNSS, 5G, Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT), any physical device can become a connected device, enabling new applications to facilitate the end user’s wellness and lifestyle.

Technological advances and substantial reductions in the costs associated with operation and supporting infrastructure (e.g. data storage) for satellites, have led to a dramatic rise in the availability of satellite imagery for civilian use in recent years. This significant amount of information on Earth’s condition, often available on (at least) a daily basis, has enabled application developers to create service and information layers that enable dozens of apps for various purposes. From air quality forecast thanks to Copernicus services to cardio routes. 

Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health in the media

30 August 2023
29 August 2023