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24 October 2018
BELS+ develops GNSS markets for EU companies and helps EU GNSS applications gain a foothold in Southeast Asia.
BELS+ develops GNSS markets for EU companies and helps EU GNSS applications gain a foothold in Southeast Asia.

BELS+ aims to develop GNSS markets for EU companies and helps EU GNSS applications gain a foothold in Southeast Asia. Towards these goals, the project is organising a workshop on October 25, 2018 in Gilching/Oberpfaffenhofen, close to Munich, to raise awareness about business opportunities in Southeast Asia among European companies, professionals and institutions offering GNSS-based products and services.

BELS - Building European Links toward Southeast Asia - was set-up in 2015 and renewed as BELS+, in 2018 to facilitate the breakthrough of European GNSS services and technology in the Southeast Asian (SEA) market.


The event on October 25, 2018 “Opportunities for European GNSS companies in Southeast Asia”, which will take place at bavAIRia e.V. in Gilching, Germany, will include presentations of the BELS+ project and the NAVIS EGNSS Demo Centre in Hanoi, where European companies can showcase their GNSS-based solutions. In addition, European companies will present their experience of working in the SEA region.

This event is an ideal opportunity for European producers of GNSS-based technologies and solutions to present their products and services as well as their motivation in trying to get a foothold in the South East Asian market. For more information on the workshop, click here. To register to attend the workshop, go straight to the registration page.

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About BELS+

The Horizon 2020-funded BELS+ project, like its predecessor BELS, conducts a range of coordinated activities to raise awareness and build capacities for the exploitation of EGNSS technologies in Southeast Asia. The BELS+ consortium brings together partners from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2010 the NAVIS Centre serves as entry point for EU companies. Within BELS+ a GNSS Demo Centre will be established at the NAVIS. It builds upon the broad engagement of companies, researchers and stakeholders and aims at attracting EU companies.

The Centre will serve as a platform to demonstrate the European GNSS expertise from hardware to software as well as service and maintenance. BELS+ supports European companies participating in the Demo Centre. In addition, the Centre offers potential customers and GNSS stakeholders in the SEA region to see and experience the European GNSS solutions within their geographical environment.

One of the project’s core aims is to promote Galileo and demonstrate how it can benefit the region. This work is particularly important as the SEA region lacks its own satellite navigation capabilities and is therefore dependent on other national or regional systems.

For more information, visit the project portal.

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Updated: Oct 24, 2018