MyGalileoSolution & MyGalileoDrone: Galileo means business for SMEs and start-ups!

03 March 2021
Galileo differentiators are driving innovation among SMEs and start-ups
Galileo differentiators are driving innovation among SMEs and start-ups

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is excited to announce the winners in this year’s MyGalileoSolution & MyGalileoDrone competitions. After a lively debate, the jury has selected the winning teams in both competitions based not only on their innovative use of key Galileo differentiators, but also on their market-oriented approach and potential for wide uptake. The winning teams were announced during Entrepreneurship Day, hosted by the GSA on 2 March. And so, without further ado, the winners are…

In the MyGalileoDrone competition, the first prize went to the team Abzero (Italy), for Nautilus – a unique tracking solution for the autonomous delivery of medical goods. Second prize was awarded to Spectralight (Poland) for SpectraDrone, a greener alternative to classical fireworks. ThunderFly (Czech Republic) received third prize for TF-ATMON – a system for performing in-situ atmospheric measurements, while fourth prize went to Raytrack (Spain) for 5GBeamCheck, which uses a UAV to perform 5G antenna tests. The winning team receives EUR 100,000, with EUR 60,000 going to the team in second place, EUR 40,000 for third place, and EUR 30,000 to the fourth.

MyGalileoSolution results

In the MyGalileoSolution competition, the first place in Track 1 (from idea to prototype) went to VisionAnchor (Slovenia) the world's first video anchor monitoring system for boats, with second prize going to BitPet (Norway), an Augmented Reality mobile game where each player takes care of a digital pet. Third prize went to BeeLive (Greece), a beekeeper's decision-making and social networking tool based on GNSS-enabled devices. 

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Meanwhile, in Track 2 (from prototype to product), the top three teams were 10Lines (Estonia), an autonomous parking lot marking solution in first place, followed by V-Labs (Switzerland), an Augmented Reality solution for visualising, measuring and modifying geospatial data with centimetre accuracy in second, and Lympik Oculus (Austria), a sport analysis application in third. MyGalileoSolution is the biggest competition ever organised by the GSA, with a prize pool of almost EUR 1.5 million shared by 50 teams, including the six finalists, with awards ranging from EUR 15,000 to EUR 60,000.

Fostering Galileo’s uptake

At the Entrepreneurship Day, the top contestants from both competitions presented their applications and pitched their ideas after which the winning teams were announced and the prizes awarded. 

“This year’s competition was exceptional and I congratulate all the winners on their victory,” said GSA Executive Director Rodrigo da Costa. “The MyGalileoSolution and MyGalileoDrone competitions play an important role in fostering the uptake of Galileo across a wide range of market segments. A key role of the GSA, and of EUSPA in the future, is to increase the competitiveness of the EU downstream industry by supporting innovators, SMEs and start-ups. These two competitions help us to do exactly that,” he said.

About MyGalileoDrone & MyGalileoSolution

MyGalileoSolution and MyGalileoDrone are the continuation of the successful MyGalileoApp competition. The competitions, which ran over 6 months, included multiple rounds of reviews with GSA, market and technology experts, and the teams received mentoring on a variety of subjects. More than 600 applications were received to both competitions and 80 start-ups were supported by the GSA to realize their dream.

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The teams came from various locations in Europe and represent academia and industry alike. They include start-ups and SMEs from a broad spectrum of market segments. The total prize pool of the competitions is EUR 1.7 million, including the grand prizes for the top teams and smaller awards for qualifying solutions. Contestants were evaluated based on criteria such as innovation, Galileo relevance, market potential and feasibility of implementing the ideas. 

About Entrepreneurship Day

Entrepreneurship Day, hosted by the GSA on 2 March, is one of the first events launched under the umbrella of the CASSINI initiative. The half-day event is one of many upcoming activities to be hosted by the GSA, aimed at supporting entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators.

The event aimed to promote EGNSS-based creative ideas and lucrative business opportunities, to raise awareness of the role of downstream space in achieving the EU’s common goals and priorities, and to provide a networking platform for all interested parties.

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