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E.g., 22/03/2023

Bringing EGNOS down to earth

07 July 2010
The GSA helped bring EGNOS down to earth for farmers attending DLG Field Days in Germany.

An action plan for EGNOS and Galileo

07 July 2010
An action plan for EGNOS and Galileo affirms the EU?s commitment to developing satellite navigation applications that benefit citizens.

Getting mobile with Galileo and EGNOS

06 July 2010
Europe's Galileo and EGNOS satellite navigation systems can improve mobility in urban areas, speakers said at a workshop in Brussels.

Growing Galileo focuses on FP7 third call

30 June 2010
Learn about the third call for proposals for GNSS research under the EU's 7th Framework Programme (FP7) at the Growing Galileo Information Day on 22 September in Brussels.

Business aviation enthusiastic about EGNOS

25 June 2010
EGNOS, the EU?s satellite navigation augmentation system, has the full backing of Europe business aviation sector.

European Satellite Navigation Competition opens for applications

22 June 2010
Proposals for the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) ? and the GSA?s Special Topic prize ? can now be submitted online.

A manifesto to boost GNSS research

14 June 2010
Industry and universities petition national and European decision makers to restore funding levels for GNSS research and development.

Opportunities abound in growing location-based services market

11 May 2010
The market for mobile location-based services (LBS) is finally starting to take off in Europe as the remaining obstacles to growth are largely being addressed.

EGNOS takes the road to Damascus

10 May 2010
A satellite navigation workshop in Syria outlined how Arabic countries can benefit from EGNOS and Galileo.

Aviation sector prepares for EGNOS certification

06 May 2010
The AERO 2010 trade show provided the GSA with the opportunity to spread the message about how EGNOS can benefit general aviation.

EGNOS: saving billions of euros for European aviation

30 April 2010
Small and medium-sized airports can gain economic and safety benefits by using EGNOS for approach with vertical guidance (APV) procedures.

Galileo and EGNOS to drive future road management systems

30 April 2010
The use of Europe?s future Galileo satellite navigation system in the road transport sector will deliver an estimated ?43bn in public benefits by 2030.

Saving lives with EGNOS and Galileo

28 April 2010
With five real-life application demonstrations the MAGES project has clearly shown how EGNOS and Galileo can assist in ?life-and-death? emergency scenarios.

European Satellite Navigation Competition 2010 expands awards

21 April 2010
This year?s European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) offers additional prizes.

User applications need secure technology

19 April 2010
GNSS has become a critical component of our infrastructure. Ensuring its security is vital to realising the full market potential of location technologies.