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E-GNSS helps eastern Europe go multimodal

28 April 2017
To help eastern European countries prepare for the optimal adoption of European GNSS (E-GNSS) applications in the multimodal domains, the GSA-funded BEYOND project organised an array of events and training aimed at building the region’s E-GNSS capacity.

If it’s March, it must be Munich

20 March 2017
The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit is established as one of the most important dates in the global GNSS community’s calendar. This year the Summit’s 14th edition took place from 14-16 March with the theme ‘GNSS – is it time for backup?’ The opening session examined a range of topics around GNSS in today’s changing political and technical environment.

European GNSS contributes to the evolution of ERTMS

09 March 2017
Last month, for the first time, a European rail test journey was completed using a signalling system based on positioning provided by European GNSS that aims to be included as the positioning system for ERTMS.

European GNSS at the heart of Europe’s industrial agenda

28 February 2017
As part of EU Industry Day, the European GNSS Agency celebrates the many ways that Europe’s space programmes help make the European economy stronger and more competitive.

GNSS Market Report hits 40k downloads… and counting

14 February 2017
In the fast evolving world of satellite navigation technology and GNSS applications, monitoring the landscape and having the latest information is essential. The GSA’s 2015 GNSS Market Report, which provides an in-depth look at market opportunities and technology trends across eight market segments, is the go-to resource for GNSS market intelligence, being cited by policy and strategy documents across the globe.

H2020 Applications in Satellite Navigation – Galileo – 2017 Call now open

08 November 2016
The third Horizon 2020 (H2020) call for Applications in Satellite Navigation, managed by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) under the delegation from European Commission is officially open. With a budget of EUR 33 million for the 2017 call, the deadline for submitting proposals is 1 March 2017.

EGNOS lays the foundation for Galileo

14 October 2016
Although EGNOS was the main focus of the annual EGNOS Service Provision Workshop, the topic of Galileo and the upcoming declaration of initial services was in the air too.

European GNSS means safer, more efficient rail travel

29 July 2016
On 7th of July, the Next Generation Train Control (NGTC) project, coordinated by UNIFE and supported by GNSS experts from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), held a user-oriented workshop to present the main outcomes of the work package related to the future use of European GNSS for train control.
Next Generation Train Control  workshop participants

E-GNSS enabled railway signalling – from vision to action

27 June 2016
The European GNSS Agency is working together with rail and space industry stakeholders to enable the use of satellite-based positioning for railway signalling, in order to achieve cost and efficiency benefits, such as the reduction of infrastructure elements needed for train control systems.

GSA Talks GNSS and Rail at ERSAT EAV Workshop

03 March 2016
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) says European rail is standing at the edge of a technological breakthrough, where GNSS will work in tandem with current technologies for a safer and more reliable European railway system.

STARS project kicked off on 23 February, in Prague

26 February 2016
The STARS (Satellite Technology for Advanced Railway Signalling) project kicked off on Tuesday, 23 February, in Prague. The event gathered around 40 participants, including project consortium members, universities, stakeholders from the rail sector as well as from the aerospace industry.

EGNOS: Making European Rail more Efficient and Safer

14 January 2016
When it comes to railway signalling in Europe, the integrity delivered by EGNOS can be the enabler for safe train localisation provided by E-GNSS as it offers additional functionalities for free, which further contributes to the flexibility of the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS), which will be able to respond to the needs of a wider range of possible railway applications.

2015-2016: Shaping the Future of European GNSS

18 December 2015
As 2015 draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year – the challenges and the accomplishments – while also looking at what’s ahead.

Big Data, Big Ideas at the Satellite Masters Conference

13 November 2015
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) recently participated in the Satellite Masters Conference in Berlin, where it joined the discussions on Big Data, innovative applications, and the convergence of Earth Observation and GNSS.

The Across-the-Board Applicability of EGNOS

15 October 2015
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) highlights the many benefits of EGNOS to the road, rail, agriculture and surveying sectors during the annual EGNOS Service Provision Workshop, held 29 – 30 September in Copenhagen.