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GOVSATCOM adds secure governmental communications to the EU Space Programme

14 February 2022
When disaster strikes, communication, information and location are key. With the addition of GOVSATCOM, the EU Space Programme provides all three.
Complementing Copernicus, Galileo, EGNOS, and the forthcoming GOVSATCOM, this new EU flagship programme, will benefit a broad range of sectors, including road and maritime transport, air traffic and more.

The EUSPA EO and GNSS Market Report is out! Did you get your copy?

26 January 2022
To help you better appreciate and reap the full benefits of space technology, EUSPA experts compiled the “EUSPA EO and GNSS Market Report”. The 216-page long release is the ultimate guide to anyone who seeks to make the EU Space technologies part of their business plan, develop new space downstream applications and see a tangible return on investment.
EUSPA just published new Market Report on Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation

EUSPA to further boost space investments with CASSINI

25 January 2022
The European Commission, the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the European Investment Fund (EIF) committed to multiplying the benefits of space technology to businesses. This initiative implies attracting more private investment funds, running capacity building activities, sharing expertise, organizing matchmaking, and promoting the markets. CASSINI is central to this endeavour.
Josef Aschbacher, Timo Pesonen, Rodrigo da Costa, Alain Godard

Galileo OSNMA Webinar: All you need to know about the Public Observation Test phase

21 January 2022
The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is hosting a webinar on the Public Observation Test Phase of Galileo OSNMA. Scheduled for 2 February 2022, this digital gathering will offer receiver manufacturers and application developers a comprehensive overview of the new Galileo differentiator and insights in the ongoing test phase.
The new pioneering service of Galileo will pave the way towards robust Position, Velocity and Time information (PVT) for the Galileo Open Service users.

The clock is ticking! Have you submitted your Horizon Europe proposal?

18 January 2022
The deadline for the first EU Space-flavoured Horizon Europe Call is approaching. Don’t forget to submit by 16 February 2022 at 17:00:00 Brussels time!
Synergies between Copernicus and Galileo support applications and the delivery of critical services when natural disasters strike such as volcano eruptions.

2021: A year of transformation for #EUSpace

21 December 2021
2021 was undeniably a year of change for the European Union in space. The Union now has at its disposal a policy framework that brings under the same roof all the space assets. EU citizens have a user-oriented operational agency that delivers secure, space-based services to citizens, governments, and businesses alike: the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA).
Wishing a prosperous 2022 to all our EU Space users!

EGNOS market share to accelerate across rail, maritime and aviation domains

13 December 2021
The 10th edition of the EGNOS Workshop brought together nearly 500 users of the European Satellite-Based augmentation service (SBAS), EGNOS, to appreciate how they are taking the best out of this component of the EU Space Programme.
Agriculture, rail, and maritime at the heart of EGNOS service provision


12 November 2021
The new pioneering service of Galileo will pave the way towards robust Position, Velocity and Time information (PVT) for the Galileo Open Service users. An OSNMA Public Observation Test Phase will follow the publication of the Info Note.
Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) is a data authentication function for the Galileo Open Service worldwide users, freely accessible to all.

EUSPA-funded SIA project is nearing its completion with promising results for intelligent railway asset management

15 October 2021
Space based services will help reduce 15% of railway maintenance costs, 25% of maintenance unscheduled events and 15% of derailments associated with the rail-wheel interface. To tackle this challenge, the SIA consortium brings together multidisciplinary and cross sector partners (EGNSS technology providers, research centres, IT companies and railway stakeholders) that will co-design EGNSS solutions truly adapted to the needs of the rail sector.
SIA has as main objective the development of four ready-to-use new services (iWheelMon, iRailMon, iPantMon and iCatMon) providing prognostic information on the health status of the railway’s most demanding assets in terms of maintenance costs.

EGNOS improves its robustness and efficiency with modernized processing facilities

06 October 2021
The EGNOS ground segment in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain and Ciampino, Italy is currently undergoing an important upgrade to ensure further robustness and integrity of the services to the users of Europe’s Satellite-Based-Augmentation System (SBAS).
EGNOS is present across many sectors but it is a real game changer in aviation, offering smoother glide paths and reduced emissions among others.

Connecting Europe Express (CEE) is coming to a city near you! Hope on for a scenic ride and let the EU Space Programme show you the way!

06 September 2021
The convoy composed of rolling stock provided by various European rail operators has already started its journey of 20.000 km. It is set to travel across the Union. To keep passengers, train spotters and rail aficionados in the loop about its location, we have equipped CEE with a Galileo and EGNOS device, which is retransmitting its precise position. Ready to catch it?
As part of the European Year of Rail, a special EU train will criss-cross the continent from 2 September to 7 October 2021.

EU Space services to back up Europe’s Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS)

30 August 2021
To ensure EU-wide interoperability, real-time, precise train positioning and high levels of safety, ERTMS could switch to EU space solutions. EUSPA-funded project CLUG, has made concrete steps towards providing a cost-efficient train tracking solution based on satellite technology together with other sensors and data.
Three test trains, one per Rail Operator (SNCF, DBN Netz and SBB/Siemens), are used to collect real data.

2021 EGNOS Workshop - mark your calendars!

23 August 2021
The EGNOS Annual Workshop is the opportunity to catch up on the latest developments of Europe’s Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS). This year, the workshop will be live-streamed on 2 December 2021.
The workshop will be built around presentations and videos, focusing on success stories and concrete examples of the benefits that EGNOS keeps offering to European users

New H2020 mission evolution studies launched on Integrity service complementing EGNSS High Accuracy

17 May 2021
The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DG-DEFIS) has awarded two new H2020 mission evolution studies to assess how the future evolution of European GNSS (EGNSS) could be beneficial for innovative and demanding autonomous applications. The new service contract shall assess the feasibility of an integrity service complementing EGNSS High Accuracy in the 2030+ timeframe on top of the current baseline of EGNSS services to feed the evolving needs in autonomous transport.
What integrity concept to develop for demanding and innovative applications using EGNOS and Galileo?

EU Space on a new trajectory with launch of EUSPA

12 May 2021
The European Union Agency for the Space Programme, EUSPA, is launched today marking the start of a new era for EU Space. Building on the legacy of the European GNSS Agency, EUSPA will take on more responsibilities to create even more opportunities from Space for EU citizens and its economy.
The creation of EUSPA will create opportunities for a stronger EU role in space