#MyGalileoSolution winner 10Lines hits the mark and signs deal with Tera Ventures capital

16 July 2021
The masterminds of 10Lines, Tarmo Prints and Janno Paas together with their autonomous robots.
The masterminds of 10Lines, Tarmo Prints and Janno Paas together with their autonomous robots.

The Galileo-enabled autonomous parking lot solution from Estonia signed a 700.000 Euro deal with Tera Ventures to scale up in Europe and the US, and to expand to road, airports, and harbours markings too.

10Lines is an Estonian start-up led by Tarmo Prints and Janno Paas that uses autonomous robots to deliver high calibre surface marking for parking lots. To do so, the company’s robots use Galileo’s additional accuracy in combination with other sensors to offer a positioning down to 1-2cm.  10Lines robots can strip parking lots seven times faster than current processes, require less supervision, eliminate the time-consuming measuring and pre-marking phases while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Moreover, 10Lines allows users to map sites digitally and set the robot in motion, cutting out much of the measuring and pre-marking process that currently accounts for 70% of the time required to mark parking lots, while at the same time reducing errors. 

The European start-up recently raised €700,000 in a seed round led by Estonian venture capital firm Tera Ventures with co-investment from US investor Perot Jain. The deal will further facilitate the development and production of the solution as well as jumpstart the scaling and the expansion of the team in the EU and across the pond.

‘’I am excited to see one of the innovative start-ups of our network that leverages Galileo’s increased performances spreading its wings! These are the kind of solutions we need in Europe, especially within the EU Green Deal context. This project touches both the green and the digital transition that are set out in the pact. Way to go 10Lines’’ said Fiammetta Diani, Head of Market Development at EUSPA.

10Lines won the first prize of the EUSPA-organized MyGalileoSolution Track 2 competition that was concluded in early 2021, worth a total €100,000.

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Updated: May 16, 2023