User Consultation Platform 2023



The User Consultation Platform (UCP) is a periodic forum organised by the European Commission (EC) and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), where users from different market segments meet to discuss their needs for applications, services and data relying on Position, Navigation and Time (PNT), Earth observation and secure governmental communications. 

The event involves end users, user associations and representatives of the value chain, such as receiver and chipset manufacturers, application developers and end users. It also gathers organisations and institutions dealing, directly and indirectly, with the European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS), encompassing Galileo and EGNOS, the EU Earth Observation system, Copernicus, and with GOVSATCOM, the upcoming system for secure governmental communications. The UCP event is a part of the process developed at EUSPA to collect user needs and requirements and take them as inputs for the provision of user driven space data-based services by the EU Space Programme.

Agriculture and forestry, rail and public transport and road and automotive were just some of the sessions where relevant stakeholders will confer about how Earth Observation, satellite navigation and satellite communications their sectors more sustainable, secured and efficient. 

For the first time, and with its new role there will be a dedicated session Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST). This session focuses on the evolution of the EU SST capability and its services. Users will be consulted on their views on a proposal of advanced services complementary to the existing EU SST services, which may be developed by the EU industry. To stimulate the discussion there will be a roundtable with spacecraft operators representing all orbital regimes.




User Consultation Platform Plenary Introduction

Minutes of Meeting


  Agriculture and Forestry


Minutes of Meeting



  Environmental - Climate & Biodiversity


Minutes of Meeting


Segment Overview

Copernicus for environmental monitoring - the CLMS

Copernicus Climate Change Service for Climate Risks and Biodiversity

Advancing marine monitoring and protection with Copernicus Marine Service

Satellite technologies to monitor ocean environment and wildlife on Earth

Beyond Boundaries: Satellite Imagery and Its Role in Global Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation

BirdWatch - A Copernicus-based service for farmland birds habitat monitoring

Lobelia – Earth observation to address the climate emergency

Weather and Climate physical risks: we can’t manage what we can’t measure

Ready to use EO based indicators for decision making for Insurance and Utilities markets

Climate Risk - User's Perspective

EO applications for measuring Science Based Targets

Solving the Carbon Credit Conundrum: Geospatial AI for Project Permanence in Nature Finance

Space Tools in Support of ESG - Reporting and Verification


  Public Transport


Minutes of Meeting




Minutes of Meeting

UCP Rail session

Copernicus for Rail

SATCOM - An option for FMCS

CLUG 2.0: Project overview

Virtual Balise and Digital Map: RFI's perspective


SATCOM Requirements

Horizon Europe EGNSS Mission and Service related R&D activities + Contribution to Ionospheric Prediction Service

Update on rail user requirements




Minutes of Meeting



  Resilient Societies


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Minutes of Meeting


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